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The SHaDE Lab

Sensable Heatscapes and Digital Environments

About the SHaDE Lab

The SHaDE Lab is an urban climate research group directed by Dr. Ariane Middel in the School of Arts, Media and Engineering (AME) and the School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering (CIDSE). We explore the “hot” topic of urban heat in three dimensions: heat as it can be sensed by biometeorological instrumentation, heat as it is experienced by humans, and heat as it can be modeled using simulations.

We are always recruiting talented undergraduate and graduate students to join our interdisciplinary team. If you're interested in joining the lab, seek SHaDE and get in touch with us for more information!

SHaDE News

Ariane Middel stands beside one of her MaRTy mobile heat sensing devices at Arizona State University in Tempe.

Arizona Republic (May 2020): 'Cool pavement' experiments help urban planners find ways to ease rising temperatures

Arizona State University climate scientist Ariane Middel walked the empty streets of a suburban neighborhood in Los Angeles last July. She had an unusual companion in tow: an elaborate heat sensor mounted to a garden cart.

Most people try to avoid the midday heat, but Middel and Kelly Turner, an urban planning researcher from UCLA, were gathering data on how so-called “cool pavement” might influence the way pedestrians experience heat in their neighborhoods.

street smarts requited in heat mitigation

ASU Now (May 2020): Street smarts required in heat mitigation

One day last July, Ariane Middel and two other Arizona State University researchers headed west on Interstate 10. Squeezed inside their van were MaRTy 1 and MaRTy 2, mobile biometeorological instrument platforms that can tell you exactly what you feel in the summer heat. All five were destined for Los Angeles.

The researchers and their colleagues were headed to L.A. to start investigating how solar reflective coatings on select city streets affected radiant heat and, in turn, pedestrians’ comfort on a typical summer day.

University researchers and a robot named MaRTy complete first on-site test of city’s Cool Streets program

UCLA (May 2020): On-the-ground guidance for L.A.’s far-reaching climate strategy

Los Angeles’ ambitious plan to cool the city as the planet grows warmer is getting a boost from two university professors and a street-smart robot named MaRTy.

The researchers from UCLA and Arizona State University have completed the first on-site evaluation of the city’s Cool Streets program, one of several sustainability strategies outlined in Los Angeles’ 2019 Green New Deal.


SHaDE Projects

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The SHaDE Team

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SHaDE Tools and Data

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SHaDE Publications

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