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The SHaDE Lab

Sensable Heatscapes and Digital Environments

About the SHaDE Lab

The SHaDE Lab is an urban climate research group directed by Dr. Ariane Middel in the School of Arts, Media and Engineering (AME) and the School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering (CIDSE). We explore the “hot” topic of urban heat in three dimensions: heat as it can be sensed by biometeorological instrumentation, heat as it is experienced by humans, and heat as it can be modeled using simulations.

We currently have a PhD position open for Fall 2021! Click HERE for more information.

We are always recruiting talented undergraduate and graduate students to join our interdisciplinary team. If you're interested in joining the lab, seek SHaDE and get in touch with us for more information!

SHaDE News


ASU Now, AZ Big Media (August 2020): Devilishly Hot | The hottest — and coolest — spots on ASU campus

You're a freshly-minted Sun Devil! Congratulations! But you've moved here from the Midwest or the Northwest or some other similarly cool and verdant place. The Arizona heat is, frankly, startling.

We have two pieces of good news for you as you start classes in August in Arizona. One: It's not always this beastly. Two: This is a guide to campus spots to avoid and to seek out when the heat is on.

Luckily, ASU has a scientist who studies urban heat…


ASU Now (August 2020): ASU and Zimin Foundation Partner for Future of Urban Tech (Developing Urban Cooling Strategies for a Hot Metropolis)

Cities generate the vibrant energy of society. However, they’re also the center of some of our most pressing sustainability issues — air and water pollution, urban heat islands, disease or security threats, and an increasing demand for resources.

Professor David J. Sailor and Assistant Professor Ariane Middel are testing an urban cooling surface technology applied on bus stop shelters. They also plan to track heat variations across Phoenix with a sensor network integrated into mass transit infrastructure. Zimin Institute backing for this project will help the research team generate proof-of-concept data from living laboratories.


Cronkite News (July 2020): Efforts to cool Phoenix include pale pavement coating to reflect sunlight

An atypical coating was applied to a parking lot at Esteban Park in southeast Phoenix last month, topping gray, cracked asphalt with a smooth, off-white sealant.

The fresh look is more than a makeover: When the parking lot was coated June 12, it marked the start of Phoenix’s $3.3 million Cool Pavement Pilot Program, meant to mitigate sweltering summer night temperatures and make life at street level more bearable.


SHaDE Projects

Learn more about past and current projects of the SHaDE Lab!

The SHaDE Team

Meet the interdisciplinary team of undergraduate and graduate students, visiting scholars, and friends of the SHaDE Lab!

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SHaDE Tools and Data

Learn more about the tools we use here at the SHaDe lab to track and measure heat and shade.

SHaDE Publications

Look at some of the articles, publications, and research that has been conducted and published by members of the SHaDE Lab.

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