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The SHaDE Lab

Sensable Heatscapes and Digital Environments

About the SHaDE Lab

The SHaDE Lab is an urban climate research group directed by Dr. Ariane Middel in the School of Arts, Media and Engineering (AME) and the School of Computing and Augmented Intelligence (SCAI). We explore the “hot” topic of urban heat in three dimensions: heat as it can be sensed by biometeorological instrumentation, heat as it is experienced by humans, and heat as it can be modeled using simulations.

SHaDE News: Featured Videos

How America's hottest city is trying to cool down

This is how urban heat impacts communities of color

American Innovators
How America’s hottest city is handling the heat

PBS Terra
Weathered: How America's hottest city is innovating to survive

Do trees provide the best shade for urban environments?

Voices of America
Urban Heat Island

Trying to cool off neighborhoods with a new kind of road surface

Earth Stories
Mutant Weather: Mutant Heat

SHaDE News: Recent Press

National Geographic_Too hot to live Millions worldwide will face unbearable temperatures

National Geographic: Too Hot To Live: Millions Worldwide Will Face Unbearable Temperatures

A warming climate is likely to force entire regions to the brink of their comfort zones and make staying cool a matter of surviving.

ABC News (August 2023):
Robots mimic human reactions to extreme heat

Ginger Zee visits Arizona State University to meet ANDI, the heat robot that is helping to find safer ways to exist in a warming world.

NOVA (April 2023):
Weathering the future, Season 50, Episode 5

As extreme weather in the U.S. impacts more people – with longer heat waves, more intense rainstorms, megafires, and droughts – discover how Americans are fighting back by marshaling ancient wisdom and innovating new solutions.


SHaDE Projects

Learn more about past and current projects of the SHaDE Lab!

The SHaDE Team

Meet the interdisciplinary team of undergraduate and graduate students, visiting scholars, and friends of the SHaDE Lab!

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SHaDE Tools and Data

Learn more about the tools we use here at the SHaDe lab to track and measure heat and shade.

SHaDE Publications

Look at some of the articles, publications, and research that has been conducted and published by members of the SHaDE Lab.

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